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Are you getting results from your Web Presence?

New Business?

Saving time?

Customer Satisfaction?

2 Powerful Approaches

2 Powerful Approaches

Total WebCARE

Managed Business Website Care, Since 2007

Openly Connected - Total WebCARE a full-featured Web Management Service designed to get the most from your Internet presence.

Like an in-house “Web Department”  - for a fraction of the cost.   Each client has a dedicated Total WebCARE “go-to” person, on call for you.    Maintenance & Support is designed specifically for each businesses web needs, following our Total WebCARE processes.

Total WebCARE quality, affordable work - when you need it! Web Hosting, Programming, Speciality Content Creation, SEO/Marketing, Graphic Design/Photography - when it comes to getting results from your web investments, count on Total WebCARE!


Complete Care for Websites

Project-Based Work by  OC

Building Denver - Boulder Sites since 2007

We offer expert Technical Work, Creative Design and Speciality Content Creation at reasonable rates and with clear project expectations from start to end.

Each project is well thought through; before we start.

Common Project Requests:

Websites, eCommerce, Blogs, Intranets, Custom Sites
Mobile phone friendly site upgrades * Build custom plugins/modules/widgets * Add eCommerce * Show Social Media Data * survey/questionnaires w/ reports * campaign landing pages * creating ontent: site sections, Social Media & Blog Posts Interviews * Animated sliders (normally on front page) * set-up various Social Media accounts * Set-up Google * set-up other 3rd party sites * Troubleshoot-fix broken Features * Photography: people/products ~ onsite / in studio * Custom web art * Promotions * Marketing * Search * SEO: develop & instal keywords & phrases * Custom and basic maps.
...did we miss anything?

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Total WebCARE

Total WebCARE

Expert Support for your Business Internet Presence

Cloud Hosting, Critical Updates, Backups, Programming, Creative Design, Copy Writing and Business/Product Promotion

Total WebCARE operates like your own Internet department; we learn about your business, take responsibility and go that extra mile to see your business web succeed. 
Each Total WebCARE account has an OC point-of-contact, a go-to person for straight answers.

We build long term relationships, "One Success at a Time!"

Save Money, Time and Frustration - Call Openly Connected Today.

Get expert, reliable website work, done when YOU NEED IT
Simply open an OC Support Ticket!


  • Fast, Secure and Reliable 24x7x365 



  • Regular maintenance prevents unexpected downtime.



  • On Demand experts, keeping your site fresh and functional.



  • Personalized content for the web, social media, posts, advertisements...



We Build Internet Software

Easy to Use, Point & Click Edit, Mobile Ready

Drupal, Wordpress, Blogs, Intranets, eCommerce

 Custom Programming * Website Repairs *  Updates/Upgrades *  New  Features

Promotional Content * Marketing * Advertising * Social Media

Expert Internet Services at Reasonable Prices

   New and Upgraded Websites

New Websites

We often recommend a Content Management Package such as Drupal or Wordpress as a starting place for most new Web sites, Blogs, eCommerce and custom use sites. There are other choices and the best way for us to help you is to know more about your project, we always offer a free consultation.

Upgrade Your WebSite

If you already have a website, upgrading is a wise choice, continue building on the work you like that is already done and remove the parts you don't like.  Upgrading your website can save you  1/3  to  even1/2 of the cost in cash as well as time and effort.  By refining your existing site, such as text, images, video and adding new technology - your growth starts where you left off.

1 Year Warranty

We stand behind all of our work!  New Websites and Upgraded Sites come with 1 year of Total WebCARE and 5 Hours of Active Support, everything you need to operate your website for the first year.

Custom Work

We offer a wide variety of Internet-oriented work: Technical, Creative and Business Development

Our Favorites Include:

Systems Design, Programming,  Photography, and Creating Promotional Content

We are often told we do a great job;  we listen to you from the start and throughout the project.  We take time to understand what is you expect your project to do, how you expect it will work, how it will look and what it will do for your business.  Before we ever start any development, we will create the OC Design Document,  with your business experience & our development expertise we create an easy to follow 'project plan', detailing the features, timeline and a budget.  This is a map which keeps our work, on track and in budget, it will warn of problems early on in the process, so we can make adjustments if needed.

Get a FREE Openly Connected project assessment!



Reliable web Development and Support since 2007

 Maintenance & Support for Business Websites

Specializing in Content Management Systems

Hosting, Programming, Design and Product Promotion 
Pay only for the person hrs you use!

Total WebCARE - Managed Website Solutions - From the start, our clients come first! Have a question, need some work done? Each client has a local, human, contact, who knows you, your business, is ready and waiting to hear from you! Active Support means anything from questions or huge projects, you have our full attention!

Since the Spring of 2007 Openly Connected (OC) has provided Internet capabilities and solutions; previously only available to businesses with dedicated teams of developers. Our value-add is personalized customer care and OC's ROI;  planning right from the start by designing projects which drive new business, save time and improve customer satisfaction


Openly Connected's Return on Investment from a "one-off solution" or a year of OC Total WebCARE! ask us how your next project can pay for itself

Your success is our success!

We operate on the axiom:  “your success is our success!” We want to be your regular web company, for the long run, it is clearly in our best interest, to see your business thrive!

Our Mission

  • To provide our clients with Website Care that Pays for itself,
    with Proactive Maintenance and Active Care.
  • Proactive Maintenance provides quality, reliable, complete and
    affordable business WebCARE
  • Our Projects, Create New Business, Save Time and
    Increase Customer Satisfaction!

Openly Connected, Total WebCARE

One Stop Internet Shop

 Expert Problem Solvers - Solutions Engineers

What makes Openly Connected Standout is the Complete Care we apply to every client, which is harder to notice when, when things "just work."



The sites below are a sample of sites Rob Butterworth developed with Openly Connected or as the lead developer with Computer Associates (CAI), here you will see a wide variety of development styles, technologies and clients: Fortune 500, Start-ups, Small Business and Non-profit.
If you have a project and would like to cut through the nonsense to get an honest and reliable bid, contact Openly Connected 303-910-3977 or eMail


Openly Connected

Total WebCARE Support (24x7): 303-910-3977

Openly Connected Sales: 303-910-3977

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Email me at:  hello at openlyconnected dot com


We'll be glad to hear from you!

Custom Content Creation

Custom Content Creation

Your Content is  THE most important part of your website!

Yes, even more than those exacting colors and 'clean' looks.

Your content drives your search placement, it builds a rapport with your visitors, your words, your face, product and how your present them; together add-up to that magic level of trust which turns a 'visitor' to a 'customer'.

Web Copy is a powerful and versatile tool,

for attracting and educating visitors to your web presence - Indexed, referenced, cross-referenced, the search engine(s), Google reads - understands, makes connections and measures relevance of nearly every word on the web, it is working night & day at a blinding speed improving its understanding, making it easier to find what we are looking for and for advertisers to reach people who may be interested in their products.

Our Actual Text, Headings, Inserts, Menus, Meta-Data Tags are what make us visible in searches, it also reaches the people who read, see, watch and interact with our content, the road to winning the hearts and minds of our visitors.

Social Media, Blogs, Articles and Website Pages

Using these "building blocks of content": Words, Photos, Art, Video Your message becomes clear, your offers appealing and the flow to complete the interaction is easy to follow and intuitive. It is important to present content, to create anticipation, so it is easy to understand and maybe even aesthetically pleasing.



Video is priceless and can bridge the gap between the casual visitor and dedicated fan... When done correctly that is; poorly done or not right for your demographic can leave a visitor feeling alienated.

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance

Pro-Active Maintenance: The foundation of TotalWebCARE, preventive care for business web presences; like a car, a website requires regular maintenance.  Begining with Ultra Reliable Website Hosting and a complete care package the results are a secure, high performing website - No Excuses.  Our personalized approach covers 'servers to strategy', Each account has a local OC contact person,  someone who can explain (in the level of detail you want), why your site performs so well, answer your questions and keep you up to date, as needed.
Total WebCARE's - Proactive Maintenance includes 24x7 Emergency Response,  Unlimited Hosting and 'behind the scenes care' that ensures your site works, the way you expect, virtually all of the time!   Total WebCARE - Security, Performance, Reliability you can count on. 
The OC Team gauges its success, by our client's results. 


Updates, Patches and Renewals

  • Update profile management
  • Server & system - updates & patches
  • Update CMS, App server, Libraries
  • Domains, Licenses & Certificates

System Updates & Patches are one of the most important things we do.  As system vulnerabilities are found, they are quietly fixed or 'patched' by the community and then publically announced, the systems that up-date are safe, however, a how-to 'crack' the unpatched site is easily available.     We keep you informed about updates, renewing licenses, domains and SSL certificates, save you the time and still keep you in the loop.  

Remote System Monitoring

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • Networks, Servers & Hardware
  • Web uptime, performance, uptime 
  • 3rd party Partners, Social Media Sites
  • Domain Names, Digital Certificates
  • Your Competitors!

Every 5 minutes we check the real-time information for the network and server which power your website and we are notified when any of these systems act-up, normally long before its even noticeable on the site.   When we get an alert, we act on it, if for some reason there is a problem, we let you know we are working on it, when its fixed, what happened and  what we did to prevent it from happening again. 

Ultra-reliable Hosting

  • Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Right-sized Web Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth!
  • Unlimited Disk Storage!

We offer world class hosting platforms, which we tune for the systems it will run, our 1st choice is Amazon cloud hosting services.

8 Point WebCARE Check-up

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • 8 Point check up Including:
  • Review Log & Access Files
  • Check firewall and IDS logs
  • Check update profile
  • User accounts and files

The system checklist is a very important tool, used to be sure we are checking and tending to a collection of not so of glamorous tasks, which could mean the difference between having the crash while customers are checking out, on never crashing!

Active Support

Active Support

Only 1 support ticket away!

The perfect compliment to ProActive Maintenance,  Active Support means you now have access to expert programming, graphic design, copywriting and photography, done the way you want it when you want it!   It has never been easier to keep your businesses website fresh and working!  

Your OC Contact person will be right there, your project manager and Sr. Technical person, whose job is to make you look good - by making sure your projects run as smoothly as your website!


Openly Connected's, Active Support service means experienced web techs are at the ready to create impressive visual & written content that is on message as well as developing the new technology solutions/features, looking great and working right  -  on time and under budget.

We make it a point to know about your business as well as your technology to consistently deliver good advice and technical solutions on time and under budget.





Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS       
  • CMS and custom platforms: Drupal, WordPress (experts)
  • We create templates, modules, eCommerce customizations
  • Custom Work: if You've seen it online, we can build it for you too.

The ability to write custom code means, there is little we can't do, if you have seen in online, chances are very good, we can build it for you!

Creative Services

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • Look & Feel - Themeing
  • On location / in studio Photography - products, people & places 
  • Website design, User Interface & User Experience Design
  • Expert Web Copywriting

Where programming stops, graphic design picks-up, creativity with some technical skills to means there is a world of design and color at your fingertips, you limit is your own imagination



Assessment & planning

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • Interviews & requirements gathering
  • Planning
  • Documentation
  • Testing & Reporting

A very important part of managing a site is documentation, the written specifications, how we did this or that and why, what we used, etc...
this can save valuable hours in repairs and new development.


Emergency Support

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • It's a rare day when an OC system has an unexpected emergency. Most of the time, we know and correct any problems long before our clients even knew something was wrong.
  • In the event, you do experience an unexpected problem:  A 24 x 7 x 365 human being will respond and correct your issue with the appropriate urgency, you would expect from perfectionists.

An emergency is a subjective thing, the thing is you know it when you're in one, we put your ticket to the front of the line and there are no extra charges, even at 3 am, for Total WebCARE subscribers.

Ultra-Reliable Web Hosting

Ultra-Reliable Web Hosting

Website Hosting is commodity, having your website, up and running well nearly all of the time is what we expect, we haven't cornered the market on ‘state of the art’ cloud server technology, a secured platform, firewalls, intrusion detection, regular back-ups and monitoring systems that will let us know within minutes of something going wrong. There are many options that will provide virtually 100% uptime.

Ultra-Reliable Website Hosting - has the OC personal touch, we are there, making sure all of this stuff is working correctly on your web presence, we know because we know your system and if something does go wrong, we are there to fix it, right away, if you have a question, a problem or need something - we are there for you, when you need us, with advice you can count on and explanations that you can understand.
Your CMS  or Online Store is nothing short of a technical marvel, few people realize the complexity, the sheer amount of code, that it is created by 100's of different developers, working independently; around the globe creating this wonderful web technology.  These Open Source systems are a platform for us to create custom business web solutions.  Under regular development by these Open Source Communities, security flaws and bugs are identified, fixed them made available to the developer community, sometimes within hours of a flaw being found.
Openly Connected's Value Add: You won't notice: the right-hand knows what the left is doing, we keep each of the layers, of your web presence, in sync; operating securely, effectively and smoothly - every day.

Openly Connected, Drive New Business, Save Time and Improve Customer Satisfaction