Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE-Business Development

OC Business Development: Activities to promote our clients.

What makes up “Business Development” OC Style?

  • Knowing about your business (Our assessment)
  • Annual Comprehensive Strategic Internet Plan
  • Search Optimization, content for people & search engines
  • Search Optimization, requires meeting technical standards too
  • Get Mobile or get left behind
  • Find your Social Network Sweet Spot & get involved
  • Drive new traffic with Internet Marketing
  • Drive new traffic with Social Media Advertising
  • Effective and attractive eMail Marketing
  • Customized Reward Marketing

“It’s a great thing to know what I'm supposed to be doing, day to day for my ”web presence” AND getting GREAT results!“

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE-Business Development

Content, everything on the page, e.g. written copy, images/graphics, video, sound clips, links...

Search engines actually read your site’s “content” and rank your site based on how it understands what it read!

Writing website copy that makes sense to people and search algorithms is anew experience for most people.

Regularly creating new content for your website, as well as your social networks & blog is very important, to maintain or grow your ranking.

Search Engines

Making a website "available" to search engines is a big part of any web presence, in fact, there is a bit of art/magic at being good at it.

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

Technical - the website’s coding must follow certain ‘standards’, which determines how well the Search Engines can read the informative tags and fields. Correctly constructed sites and pages can greatly enhance search engine indexing.  

Content - How the actual content is worded / written makes a significant difference, the use of “keywords & keyphrases” help the Search Engines understand the relevance  of this piece of content to a whole and how it is or is not relevant to a random users ‘organic search’.  Creating the art-skill of Internet Copywriting, creating meaningful reading for people and computers.   

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

A Word about some of the Google Services

Besides being the biggest Search Engine, there are quite a few Google Services which deserve consideration, but there a few that are more or less mandatory too.

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance#1 Google Analytics - this allows us to track every visitor and so much more

#2 Webmaster Tools - is a system which allows a webmaster to see inside a site the way Google would, fix issues and connect with Father Google.

#3 Google Drive - It is harder and harder to pay for services and software when Father Google does it so well.   Google Drive is the complete “Office Suite” fully compatible with Microsoft, online where it can be shared and collaborated with and can’t be lost.  

#4 Google Apps - a marketplace of free and paid apps, including an email service for your own domain, with the power of Gmail, if that something for you.

Google Apps

Reaching people, communicating visually, these things, Social Networks do.

There are a lot of options when it comes to which one and how to connect with them, the better you know your Social Network(s), the better your chances for good results.

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

Display your Social Media connections on your website - There are various ways to display followers on your site you can show numbers of posts and pictures of your “friends”, with real-time data on your site.   Social Networking helps reach like-minded people and introduce them to your products or services.   Connecting with new customers on social media and sending them to your site, blog and store is just good sense.   Inviting visitors to connect with you on your Social Media keeps the connections fresh.  

Openly Connected - Social Networking Experts 

- Ready to give you a hand in expanding your presence or starting fresh.

- Creating and Posting; New Compelling Content 

- Building Custom Connections  between Social Networks and Websites and Mobile Apps

Found! - Your Business, online

Bulk Email - we can set-up and support a system which will work for you.


                    Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive MaintenanceOpenly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

Advertising Facebook / AdWords - we can help devise short and long-term strategies, create ad copy/visuals and target ad runs, in the best demographics, in the best social networks.

you can count on Openly Connected for straight honest answers,

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

Doing the background work to know your business's particular situation, allows us to advise you on investing valuable advertising budget dollars.  

Starting with content, we work with our clients to make sure each page effectively communicates the clearest message heard by people and Search Engines. We make sure the platform is technically and content and ensure the important search engines understand too.   We work with Social Media, delivering