Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
Pro-Active Maintenance: preventive care for your businesses’ web presence. Behind the sceenes care, much like you car,  website maintenance and oversight greatly reduces the chances of expensive down time, damaged gear, lost data and errors on your site.  Once more, if something does go wrong, as the do, Openly Connected is there, with Emergency Response 24x7 is included, our monitoring system lets us know, if anything is 'acting up' - (if you suspect something - simply let us know, we'll check it out) either way - we'll be there - the right way - right away.
Pro-Active Maintenance - EIGHT point check-up:  on a regular schedule, we go through our 8 point review - looking throughly into the performance, users, systems, patterns of the operation of your site, to be sure your site, is running at peak efficiency. 
We want to be your go-to web people!  You can count on Openly Connected and Total WebCARE for everything you need for your Internet Presence today as well as tomorrow.   Your Success is our Goal and how we judge our performance.
What is a 'patch' or update, what is so important?
It's hard to OVERSTATE the importance of keeping computers and software up to date:  
Most hacker gain entrance and take control of systems that are NOT up to date!
However there are thousands of "white hat hackers", the good guys who look for, fix and report flaws where ever they are found, as it happens the Black Hat or bad guys see the same thing and if your site is patched, your OK, however they name these things "Wana cry" for a reason! Openly Connected developers and server admins monitor these to be sure our servers, networks and websites are secure and sound! We do our best to keep the crackers, hackers and script kiddies, from doing damage! In the event something goes wrong, we have recovery plans ready to go, even in the wort case, we will have your site up and running on back-ups and recovery servers.

Ultra-reliable Hosting

  • Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Right-sized Web Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth!
  • Unlimited Disk Storage!

We offer world class hosting platforms, which we tune for the systems it will run i.e. MYSQL, Apache, PHP, JAVA & Python, our 1st choice is cloud hosting services.

Updates & Patches

  • Update profile management
  • Server & system - updates & patches
  • Update CMS, App server, Libraries
  • Domains, Licenses & Certificates

We believe Open Source Software plays a very important part in the Internet's overall security, for every user. The continual improvement and transparency with security issues keep the good guys, 1 step ahead.  Openly Connected supports and uses Open Source Software, which is just one of the security measures we take care of for you every day.

Remote System Monitoring

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • Networks, Servers & Hardware
  • Web uptime, performance, uptime 
  • 3rd party Partners, Social Media Sites
  • Domain Names, Digital Certificates
  • Your Competitors!

We access real-time statistics of the most important parameters, for the whole cloud, watching each site from 1 of 10 random locations, every 5 min. we notice the smallest issue and act before its even noticeable.

8 Point WebCARE Check-up

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • 8 Point check up Including:
  • Review Log & Access Files
  • Check firewall and IDS logs
  • Check update profile
  • User accounts and files

The system checklist is a very important tool, used to be sure we are checking and tending to a collection of not so of glamorous tasks, which could mean the difference between having the crash while customers are checking out, on never crashing!