Total WebCARE

Managed Business Websites

Total WebCARE, a full-featured Web Management service covering:  Technology, Creativity and Marketing for business Websites and Social Media.  There are four categories which make-up Total WebCARE: Ultra-reliable Web Hosting, Pro-Active Maintenance, Active Support and Business Development.  We are in it for the long run, not a quick in & out, we are available to stand by our work, operating like a Companie's own Internet Department, your success it is clearly in our best interest.  Total WebCARE is effective, it saves time, manages preformance and improves customer experience.  Openly Connected, Total WebCARE is a 24x7 partner, dedicated to constant improvement for your business Online.    You can count on your OC Total WebCARE team, for a reliable, secure, high performance website, when you need us, with a simple question or something serious - Openly Connected is there for you.  

OC experience and expertise ensures your getting the best value, for your Internet Investment.

Project Work

Moveing forward with productive projects

Some of the more common projects: New websites, make  mobile phone friendly, upgrading websites,  fixing broken sites, adding new features to websites, build new plugins/modules, install & configure,  add new eCommerce store  to your site or add new eCommerce features for an existing site, build survey sites,  Marketing landing campaign page, animated sliders as seen on tops of pages.  Existing Content Management Site theme upgrade (get an all new look & feel).  Install Social Media Widgets in websites,  Set-up Social Media Accounts,  Create Social Media Posts (min - 5 posts), Create Blog Posts (min - 10 posts),  Create Web Art - for pages, posts, etc...  Web Promotion,  Web Advertising,    Google Set-up:   Analytics, AdWords, Business, Webmaster tools, Maps & Search.

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