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Openly Connected
More than just a new website
Openly Connected provides a complete array of services to ensure your site is up all of the time and poerforming the way you expect. A new website is not always th e answer and ofter we ca fix existing websites for a freat deal less than a new site, even giving your site that foresh look.

Openlyconnected Offers

Its not the individule services we provide, its they are all provided for 1 low cost, in a combination that will ensure your business website meets and exceeds your expectations.

Openly Connected systems are designed to place maximum control of the site in the owner’s hands, yet have expert support a call away. We believe owners/users should be able to add and modify content i.e. text, images, files, additional pages via a browser with ZERO programming skill. Openly Connected software is designed to support any number of languages with the same user control and flexibility

Openly Connected clients have come to expect.

Openly Connected offers expert experience in designing, developing and supporting world class web based systems.

Our service offerings can loosely be categorized as:
• User Managed Websites • Portals (including: Intranet and Extranet applications) • eCommerce systems (including Wholesale and Retail) • Special use systems

Openly Connected LLC, is a full-service Internet Technology firm providing personalized Website Technology services for our clients since 2007.

Building a website is only ½ the game, which is why Openly Connected offers Total WebCare, professional website management, for business websites. Think of Total WebCare as your own virtual Website Department, with skilled Internet professionals at your disposal with excellent infrastructure and guaranteed results.

OC is more than the sum of our parts...

More than just contractors, The OC HUB collects and remembers what has been done for your site, from the initial assessment through all of the work thereafter AND we make a point to understand your business.


Web Development & Design

Nearly any business service can safely be made available to users anywhere, to use any time. We, as a society, have become comfortable with this idea, in fact expect a business to provide some portion of its business via the Internet. A website is often the first point of contact for customers, that all-important first impression n a competitive world. The question today, is how to get the most for each technology Dollar, Pound, Euro, etc spent, how to reach the “right” people and reliably deliver the message, product and/or service they will be compelled to act upon.

Its crystal clear, each business needs the very best website available. What is often not as clear is: how to go about getting a great website.

For many, Openly Connected's experience and skill are a good place to start, the OC partners have been designing & building cutting-edge Browser Based software (Websites) since the early days of the Internet. The OC value proposition is: “our ability to cut through the techno-jargon pragmatic functional solution while remaining focused on business objectives and the bottom line to deliver an affordable, functional, effective website.”

Starting with a clear business case, add a clean, beautiful design, make it go with technical expertise and ensure it is available to ALL OF THE USERS, ALL OF THE TIME is what Openly Connected reliably does best, plain and simple.

Managed Hosting

Openly Connected offers website hosting; with a human touch.

To a website, hosting is its' home on the Internet. Selecting web hosting can be mind numbing, it seems there are nearly as many options for hosting as there are websites, in Feb 2010 a Google search for “Website Hosting” returned 74,300,000 options. Then there is evaluating long tables of esoteric options.

Depending on how many visitors, the need for extra security, streaming video or audio, how much computing power and how much data you need to store will determine what type of hosting you will need and how much it will cost. The cost vary as much as everything else, from as little as a few dollars a month to a site like Wikipedia, which spends over $100,000 per month! Buy too little and your visitors will pay the price or overspend on the wrong bits and bobs and you get the same result with money down the drain to boot! The fact is, web hosting is very important, a slow loading or worse unavailable website, seriously negates the great work which went into building a site.

Openly Connected offers website hosting; with a human touch... means we take care of the details, we understand the ins and outs of what it takes to put a website on line and keep it there. Openly Connected utilizes “Cloud” technology which in essence means each of our hosted sites is part of a huge computer system which has access to the entire systems resources, virtually never running our of power. Managed hosting means experts making sure a website is getting exactly what it needs for optimal performance as well as some one looking after the managed site, monitoring up-time, applying update and security patches as well as an available technician to answer support requests.

Openly Connected happily supplies managed hosting and support for their sites. Sophisticated

Pure Consulting

Openly Connected hands on experience and technical knowhow complements our clients domain expertise in making robust and intelligent decisions . Our experience in building, managing and reorganizing development teams, making technology purchases and evaluation software systems is an valuable asset to any management team or Investors who will benefit from impartial technology analysis and pragmatic recommendations. vWe offer consulting services to our clients for a array of needs. Some of the engagements we have enjoyed: Build (upgrade) vs Buy (new): assessing the total cost of buying a new accounting system including hardware, customizations, training and year to year maintenance vs customizing & upgrading the one they currently owned. Strategy: Openly Connected has developed the technical component of our client's larger vision (both brick & mortar and virtual), including; eCommerce plans, Internet marketing campaigns and fully virtual business's User Generated Content strategy.

Technology Representative: Openly has represented our clients when they are involved with the sale/acquisition of a business which has a technology aspect. We will research, look under the hood, interview and otherwise use our skill/experience/connections to determine the TRUTH of the matter.

Exc. Management Team member: Openly partners will fill roles such as CTO, CIO or other technology management positions on a consulting basis. You can have the attention, experience and wisdom of a fully qualified Senior Manager on an as needed basis.

Training / Mentoring

Openly Connected is committed to sharing knowledge with our clients, we strongly believe an educated client will make the best choices for everyone concerned. Openly Connected systems are designed to be managed by their owners, OC takes pride in ensuring our clients have a working understand of how to operate the systems we design and build. By the very nature of these self managed systems, general training is a component each project we deliver.

OC will take this training as far as our clients desire. In most cases we work with one or more of the client staff to ensure they have a solid understanding of the day to day operations necessary to run the system effectively. In some cases we have worked with our clients' to hire an in-house technical person to train for more technical tasks such as system enhancements, maintenance and general staff /end user support. In other cases, our clients are technically minded and want to know more than the operator side of their system.