Openly Connected

Builds Internet Software

Drupal, Wordpress, Custom Websites ** eCommerce, Blogs, Marketing ** Easy Edit, Mobile Ready

Cloud Hosting * eCommerce * Blogs * Custom Programming

Marketing * Advertisning * Social Media

We proviode expert services ranging from Hosting to SEO

   New and Upgraded Websites

New Websites

We often recommend a Content Management Package such as Drupal or Wordpress as a starting place for most new Web sites, Blogs, eCommerce and custom use sites. There are other choices and the best way for us to help is to know about your project, we always offer a free consultation.

Upgrade Your WeSite

If you already have a website, upgrading and building on the work you have is a fantastic option. You can cut 1/3 or more from the financial cost as well as time and effort. By refining your existing site, such as text, images and video as well as web technology, you will be gaining ground here too.

1 Year Warrentee

We stand behind all of our work! New Websites and Upgraded Sites come with 1 year of Total WebCARE and 5 Hours of Active Support, everything you need to operate your website for the first year.

Other Custom Work

We offer a wide variety of Internet oriented work: Technical, Creative and Business Development

Our Faviorts Include:

Programming, Server and Database work,Photography, Design and Search.

We do a great job; because we listen to you, from the start. We take time to understand what is you expect your project to do, how you expect it will work, how it will look and from here we offer advice and help you reach your goals. This is our starting place, a draft Design Document, containing your business experience and our technology expertise. From here the process is easy to follow and understand, and our design Doc with ensure will stay on track and budget, or it warn us, if we are not - so we can make adjustments early in the process.