Yoga Elevates

This is a highly customized Drupal 7 site. This site leverages the awesome Jollyness - Commerce Theme, one of the most comprehensive, well done, complete and still flexible themes I have seen. We have a system that allows the site administrator to upload and modify all of the inventory, simply by editing and uploading a spreadsheet. Of course items can be edited one at a time or in batches through the user interface as well. We are using the powerful Drupal Commerce collection of modules to sell beautiful hand made, often 1 of a kind Malas (meditation beads). While each "Mala" is crafted, its nature reveals itself an the crafts-person can attribute each mala with Color, Chakara one of the Four Aims of Life and free tags too. Mindy over sees this activity and while I tend to lean away from religious things, that said I really like Mindy's approach to this and actually would believe what she told me.